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Q: What are your thoughts on females exposing their bodies to express how they feel?


Personally, the key word is personally, but I believe it’s all in the intentions you have when you do. As a form of art & expression I totally understand. I mean, the female body is so beautiul, intruguing, & captivating that it truly is a form of art, a masterpiece actually. EVERY female body. So used as a form of art I agree. Now as a sense to seek attention that would otherwise not be given, I don’t agree at all, I believe if you feel the need to expose your body for attention you should work on filling that hole of insecurity with Love & confidence to discover there is more to you & there are other ways to gain attention other than showing off all your goodies. There is a fine line between tasteful & sexy vs. whorish & raunchy.

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A mile in everyone’s shoes.

This idea came to me in the middle of a dream, my best ideas typically do. Work with me though people.

What if you were only identifiable by your soul? What if everyday, everybody woke up a new looking person on the outside? I mean a new face, skin tone, gender, race. Ya know, all those pesky little things that stop people from seeing you a certain way or only seeing you a certain way. Everyday you would wake up with the same mind & soul, but just a new body & in the place of the world where your body is from. A different body each day equipped with the skills & knowledge to play your position of the day.

Just imagine, going to sleep an African woman dying of AIDS, waking up an Irishman, & going to sleep the next night as a child dying of starvation. Or what if me, an 18 year old African American girl woke up as an 18 year old Chinese immigrant worker girl. But this goes on everyday until you die. Talk about perspective. Imagine all of the things that would be possible if that were possible: there would be no more racism, sexism, world hunger, & poverty. Nobody would look at someone & judge them because it could be just the next day that they become them. There would be a new level of empathy & sympathy. Imagine going to sleep in a completely healthy body & waking up in a cancer stricken one. Try living in the body of a pregnant woman or an elder with arthritis. You would truly have to seize & be grateful for every moment. What would you do to make it count & help the world?

If it were me, say I was a billionaire for a day, i would donate half to the poor & the other half to research. Who knows, the next day I could end up in poverty or sick. Changing into someone new everyday, it would be bound to happen anyway.

It would only be when we die that we change into who it is we truly were.

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"   You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.   "
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Sex Without Commitment

In today’s culture sex is glorified in the aspect that as long as you are legal & know what you’re doing, it is perfectly acceptable to have as many partners as you desire. But do you see the fault in this accusation?

Do you believe you are hurting yourself with “just hookups” whether you have feelings involved or not?


I have the worst lower back pain while sitting down. Why!?!?

your baby is low inside of you & pressed up against your spine. My son tore my back up when I was pregnant!

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